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How to Write a Video Marketing Script

How to create a marketing video script that will drive your sales?

A marketer does not have to prepare an entire film for the audience to like the product they present. However, the need to include video content in the marketing strategy is huge: people perceive the message best in video format. According to research, 80% of people watch a video first, then make a purchase. Due to this, knowing how to write a great script and create short promo videos is a key sales specialist’s skill.

Start communicating with your target audience using video. It is much easier when you have a ready-made marketing video script example or a template that you can use as a basis. Therefore, today we will focus on the basic rules of writing a promo video script and reveal some secrets on how to make this work easier, more interesting, and faster. 

A Perfect Video Script’s Elements

All successful promo videos have the same things in common: they are concise, focused on one idea, and have a similar structure:

  • Introduction or hook;
  • Main idea;
  • Some details;
  • Bottom line or a call to action message.

Now, let us take a closer look at each part of the script. 


You may be tempted to write a long introduction about the company’s history, industry challenges, and other considerations. Cut these fragments with no regrets and start with the juiciest content. Catch the attention and curiosity of the viewer from the very first seconds, otherwise, the consumer will not stay till the end.

The main part

The main message should be clear, but not too modest. Analyze your audience before starting the work on the script. Check out promo videos from other companies that appeal to a similar audience segment for inspiration.

For example, a script for marketing video for a legal or financial company creates a sense of security and trust. While Zoom can afford a humorous message’s form.

Add details

Align video text and additional audio and visual elements. The easiest way to do this is in the form of a table. The first column will include a summary of each frame, and the second will contain a description of those graphic or visual details that need to be used in the video in the right places.

Call to action

A CTA is needed not only for ad purposes. It gives the viewer an understanding of what exactly you want from them, what you expect: a call, a message on social networks, or something completely different. For example, you can ask to subscribe or download the demo. Constant reminders of what to do seem to bore the audience. In fact, videos with a call to action have a high CTR and achieve their goal better than materials without clear instructions for the viewer. 

Do not be so shy to give your audience clear instructions at the end. Most people just forget what options are available, so a reminder plays on two sides: it works for you and helps your viewers at the same time.

The best tips to make it better

Here are some reminders on best practices for writing a video script:

  • Create a short synopsis or a mind map before starting work on the marketing video script;
  • Do not complicate things. You can follow the ideas’ flow and mix a lot of thoughts in one script, but this is not the best way. Select the main idea, and build the script exclusively around it.
  • The most successful example of a digital marketing video script is one that gives the viewer the impression that the author is talking directly to them, and this conversation brings them pleasure.
  • You worked hard and created an impeccable script for marketing video. Now, put it away for 24 hours and then come back to read it out loud. You will see whether it needs editing and if yes, where exactly.

This is a proven way to write a great video marketing script. However, there is one more thing for you to create the scenario for the promo video that all your customers would like, remember, and share with friends. It is the service that will simplify all your work and even more.

Make Your Promo Videos Stand Out With the Templates

The arsenal of the service includes dozens of ready-made video templates. Each script is actually a ready-made video, which you can fully adjust to your needs by changing the text, images, and more. Use it as a marketing video script example that would help you to create a perfect video for the very first time.

Moreover, artificial intelligence automatically analyzes how much time is needed to reproduce the given text. This way, you can make decisions on all of the details:

  • When it is better to make transitions;
  • What effects will highlight the main idea;
  • What music fits the frame and when to add it to the presentation.

Going back to the basic structure of each script, you can see that it is important to create a table of important elements for each frame. And now, take a look at the templates: you can do the same, but without tables. The service’s technical capabilities are all you need. Thus, you reduce the time allocated for creating a video and get a great result immediately.

You also can play each frame separately or watch the video in its entirety: work as you like to create an outstanding script for marketing video. Editing each frame allows you to focus on the essential details for each thesis.

Now, you know everything about how to write marketing video script, and will be here for you every time you need an excellent promo video. Try Elai for free today!

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