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Why You Should Turn Text to Video and How to Do It

The modern Internet community watches videos more often than reads text. You can have flawless content that showcases your product, service, or brand. About 18% of users read articles, but 69% of consumers watch a short video to learn the main thing. They are also more likely to share video content or save it to watch again.

Take a look at the latest trends:

  • Google aims to promote video content, so the search engine automatically assigns a higher rating to pages with videos;
  • TikTok’s audience has grown in recent times, so it is a good idea to use the platform for business purposes;
  • Instagram and Facebook are creating more and more tools and opportunities to publish and promote videos. First it was Stories, now Reels. Moreover, Reels have a much higher reach than posts in the feed. This indicates an active policy of favoring precisely those who offer a video format instead of text or photos.

You can definitely benefit from these trends. At the same time, you do not need to invest too much in the new content generation: just reuse the popular materials you already have and maintain influence in the market and attract even more audiences. Text to video generator will help you to succeed.

What is Text to Video AI?

Text to video converter helps convert any text, script, or presentation into video content. For this, arranging video shooting in a studio and inviting actors is not necessary. Artificial intelligence turns text into video automatically. All you have to do is configure additional effects, add some multimedia elements and save the result. An AI-based video can be reduced to a presentation, or given script will be voiced by a character you choose from the available options.

AI simplifies and automates almost all processes, so even several clips can be generated in one day. You can package any content in video format, accompanying it with authentic photos and videos, or using stock ones. You can also overlay your own voice over the video, and get closer to your viewers. The best thing: you do not even need a camera.

4 Main Reasons to Try Text to Video Generating

Plenty of sites still take great writing and dilute it with infographics and images. The text has not yet gone out of fashion. However, a fight for the consumer’s attention is only intensifying. You have a few seconds to win, so video format is the best tool to help you.

1. Visual is Power

Video is a unique content format: it engages hearing and vision at the same time, creates the necessary emotional background, is easily perceived and extremely quickly remembered. You have no more than 10 seconds to capture the attention: use the power of visual effects to cope!

It has been proven that visual messages received by our brain are processed 60,000 times faster than other information formats. This phenomenon was called “the image superiority effect”, and it has a scientific basis: the brain uses more than 50% of neurons to process visual data, so it is easier for a person to remember visual details, even insignificant ones.

However, the success of the visualization depends on how well the information is selected and how it is presented. This is why it is worth using AI to convert text to video with its help.

A few more tips:

  • Avoid ambiguity: one visual block or frame — one message;
  • Do not overload the video with numerous elements so that the recipient’s attention is not distracted;
  • People perceive contrasts and color accents faster. Use this;
  • Do not be boring: allow yourself to joke, appeal to some familiar feelings;
  • Consumers prefer professional 1-minute videos, according to social media reach statistics.

Use the Elai.io service: AI that generates video from text will help you follow all of the listed tips.

2. It Is a Content Reusing Way

If you have a presentation or an article that your audience already likes, you can give it a new life. Turn the text into a video, and give viewers a chance to grasp the main concepts. Even those viewers who have already read the post will like it, because the text is forgotten quite quickly, unlike the video.

Content repackaging also allows publication on more platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. This way, a new audience will get to know your ideas or offers. At the same time, it is enough for you to submit ready-made theses in a new form, and for this purpose, text to video AI works perfectly.

3. Highlight the Topmost Things

Focus on the main ideas. Let it be not all you can say about the company or product: make several videos, dividing the important topics into blocks. For example, you are engaged in delivery, and you do it faster than others: tell about it first. Or, you specialize in baking and use only fresh and high-quality ingredients: let people know exactly that thing. The video format fits this. Add an ingredient like the Elai.io service to the recipe for a cool video — and you will leave your competitors far behind.

4. Be On the Wave

Small businesses are increasingly turning to converting text to video, and are taking advantage of this content creation option. Jump on this trend before the competition in the niche becomes too high and while there are still many opportunities to appeal to the target audience. The use of AI technology for content generation is increasing. Soon, such content will become a must-have for every company. For now, however, this is one of the things that gives you a head start and promotes development.

Use Elai.io to Make Your Best AI Video Content

Elai.io is a tool that works on the basis of artificial intelligence and allows you to convert text to video format almost instantly. This is a universal service, as AI opens access to a huge number of possibilities:

  • Recognizing and reproducing text in different languages;
  • Making the character speak instead of you (but you can voice over the video with your voice);
  • Providing dynamism and authenticity even to those works created on the basis of a presentation and dry slides;
  • Forming the necessary emotional background for the viewer thanks to musical accompaniment in a well-chosen tonality;
  • Allowing you to add photos and videos from your own collection or stock to the background.

The most important thing is that you can edit the result when needed, make the material perfect, and save it.

How to Convert Text to Video: a Step-by-Step Guide

Everything is very simple when you have a tool like Elai.io at your fingertips. The generator converts text to video in minutes. Take this simple algorithm to make your video perfect:

  • Click “New Video” to start working;
  • Choose a ready-made vertical or horizontal template. If none of the proposed options suit you, you can create your own.
  • Add your text and arrange it in the desired order, frame by frame, as you would for a normal presentation. You can also paste a URL to a blog post with the text-to-video feature, or upload a presentation in the PDF format and convert it into video;
  • Pick and place your character on different shots. You can do whatever you want with the chosen character, or even request own avatar if needed.
  • Add your company’s logo, animations, background music, and render.

Review the preliminary result and edit the footage so that the video is beautiful, light and conveys your ideas clearly. Now you only need to render and download the material, and then publish it on social networks and on your website. Try Elai.io for free today!

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