Create AI Videos From Text

Create video presentations with a human presenter
In minutes not days!
See how Elai can help your company
  • Create engaging video content faster and at a low cost
  • Translate videos to multiple languages
  • Edit your video content without refilming
  • Create engaging explanatory videos at a low cost
  • Create onboarding videos that will amaze your users
  • Use a video chatbot to give your users a better support experience
  • Start using videos in marketing emails, increasing the click-through rate by 65%
  • Create video marketing materials at a low cost
  • Send personalized videos to key customers to increase loyalty and close deals faster
  • Create amazing follow-ups that will attract your leads attention
How It Works
Choose a presenter or create your own
We are continuously adding new presenters that you can use in your videos. Each presenter has his own voice. You can also create your own presenter filming the actor for 10 minutes.
Create video slides
Add speech text, headlines, images to make different parts of the video that will be played one after another.
Get a link to your video
Our AI algorithm will make a video for you shortly. You can use the video in your LMS, website, emails, etc.
Request Demo
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