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6 Types of Video For Sales Growth

The new digital era allows companies to choose the best methods to promote their brands, but video marketing remains one of the most effective in increasing engagement levels. E-Commerce marketing provides video content with its dynamic approach that is able to build trust efficiently. But is it that hard to find a key to success? 

Video marketing strategy relies on deep research of customers’ needs to find out what you are looking for. The way of reaching clients’ loyalty depends on their preferences. Digital communication with the audience makes them more confident in your product by creating inextricable psychological bonds. It is crucial as well to understand all possible intentions of the customer, how the person makes decisions and why they usually change their mind. Their willingness to buy is often driven by advertising campaigns, that’s why every business should develop a strong marketing strategy to grab clients’ attention by using video for sales. You should explore the market to discover new sources of potential leads, profit, and income. The answer is not as obvious as it first appears.

6 types of promotional videos to implement in your marketing strategy

1. Video demonstration of the product

Videos create an internal connection between the potential customer and the brand itself. Every buyer wants to get acquainted with your product and to see firsthand who they are dealing with and what they are going to purchase. Video demonstration makes them feel as if they are touching the real product on their own. 

There is nothing more captivating than putting your product in the spotlight. This simple lifehack attracts the attention of the customers and lengthens the dwell time spent on the page. Product close-up demonstrates the whole functionality that can not be seen in photos or pictures. Showing off your product from different angles illustrates why it is a must-have for the client. To point up special features, appealing design, customized style, and engaging animations come to the rescue. is the best solution for E-Commerce videos. You can choose any background or even upload your own prepared material to create a good-looking environment for promo video creation. Needless to say that this type of video is one of the most efficient tools in marketing to increase conversions. 

2. Product Overview

An overview of the product emphasizes the reasons why potential clients should consider buying it by making a clear understanding of the brand. The advantages and benefits are observed very closely because the video goes in-depth into the main features. This type of video can include ready-made personalized scenes that would be profitable in building powerful trust and excitement for your product. It also keeps the audience more engaged on the product page, increasing sales with video. 

The general outlook is the best choice for a specific production that captures lots of details and shares loads of information to display all possible use cases like a product demo. With, marketing content creation is easier than you can imagine. For instance, using only text-to-speech platforms and your creativity allows you to make stunning promotional content with Talking human-like Avatars without leaving your workplace. No more expensive studios, additional equipment, hiring cameramen, and spending hours standing in front of the camera! 

3. Video testimonials 

Nothing promotes a successful deal more than customer reviews. Real-life clients’  testimonials motivate people to purchase your service in the foreseeable future. Integrating social proofs from your website has already become a very persuasive tool that is necessary to be implemented in marketing strategy. 

Statistics show that the majority of potential users follow friends’ and family’s recommendations above any type of advertisement. The real-life opinion shows those who are not familiar with the product how they can apply and use it.  Average online comments and reviews help to explore and demonstrate feasible use cases which may lead to a significant investment.

4. Product tutorial

Step-by-step instructions illustrate how the customer can perform different activities using your particular product. If your aim is to boost sales with video, a product tutorial can convince the audience to buy it. 

When it comes to some outdated information regarding the exploitation of the product or the application of the service, provides a possibility to change the content without significant effort. You do not need to remake the whole video but just to update data that is extremely time-saving! 

5. Explainer video

To achieve exceptional results, explainer promo videos should be focused on the problems and customers’ pain that might be solved by means of your product as a solution. If you are able to emphasize the necessity of buying your product, the video will definitely go viral and popular with customers.

The explainer video should be short up to 30 seconds. Marketers advise using humor to make people laugh. The combination of jokes and traditional informative videos is the best way to hit on the emotional reason. They also recommend using a minimalistic approach with some animation, easy-to-read text, and good-looking templates. A live-action type of video excites the clients to hand over their money.   

6. Message from CEO

A message from the Founder is not one of the most commonly used types of videos, however, it may be utilized as an influential tool for brand promotion. To create strong links and captivate clients’ attention, people need to see the face behind the brand. This type of video will impose an expectation of a great deal!

Using video marketing to boost sales turns out to be one of the most successful strategies not only for small start-ups but for big business sharks!

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