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How to Create a New Employee Orientation Video

The faster the new hire adjusts to the employer’s rules and requirements, the more advantage will be given to each side. The new workers show more initiative, are more focused on their work and can fulfill their main duties after adaptation. The company also receives employees’ loyalty, a strong team, and a powerful resource for development and getting the best profits. There is an 82% increase in the number of employees who stay at their jobs if the company offers at least a small adaptation program. This data was obtained by Glassdoor based on a large-scale research. This means that employees remain loyal to the company’s interests, and that is why there is no frequent change in personnel.

One of the best ways to help employees adapt to the company’s rules and tasks is to use a new employee orientation video. Such videos help establish an immediate connection with an employee.

Main types of onboarding videos

Organizations use onboarding videos for a variety of purposes, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of both the new employee and the organization. You can use the orientation video example for inspiration. There are three main types of these videos.

Company Introduction

You could create a series of introductory videos that introduce company values or brand history. The company may include in the new employee orientation video script information about how the company will help new hires reach career heights, and feel like a part of a really important project that they can be proud of.

Organization Culture and Mission

Show new hires what is the brand’s main mission and what your company culture looks like. Your employees will be happy to know that their views on life coincide with the internal company’s rules and the direction of its development. Corporate culture videos are essential to inspire and tune in to work productively and achieve the best results.

Training videos for new hires

New employees need the most time to learn the specifics of their new position. Scientific studies have shown that 90% of the information we remember is perceived visually. Thus, the fastest method to help employees to find out all the details about their job duties and tasks is to show what exactly they have to do and the way to do it perfectly.

For example, a company works with specific software. Show the employee the tools and features they will need, and you will not have to do it twice. You can also use the video format when you want to teach the hire the sales script adopted in the organization or show how some mechanisms work. Use short tutorials to free time for more important duties.

How to create an orientation video quickly?

An onboarding video creation can be a daunting task if you do not know a speedy way to deal with it. However, there is one secret, thanks to which you will be able to create adaptive and motivational videos, tutorials on any topic, or anything else in a short time. The secret lies in a tool called is an AI-based text-to-video platform that makes videos from any text you have. This is why you need only 2 things to make an adapting video:

  1. Some script or text you want to voice. You can also use a ready-made presentation in the PDF format to transform it into a video. 
  2. An orientation video template from the amazing template library that the platform offers you, or you can make your own design. There are a lot of editing tools at the service, so maybe it is much easier to customize any template from the platform’s collection. 

Use to create the best introduction videos to highlight your company’s benefits and explain even the most complicated things to your new hire. It is such an easy process that you will certainly like how it works. benefits

  • The service helps to create tutorials on any topic. Thematic templates are already in the library. There are both vertical and horizontal samples: choose the one that suits you best.
  • There are lots of avatar options. It means you always have a digital narrator to help you make the video lovely and full of life. People like stories other people tell, so videos with a certain narrator invoke more trust and are perceived better.
  • The platform voices the text automatically. It can be your voice or any you will like among the samples. To make the avatar sound like you, upload a voice sample to the platform and follow the instructions.
  • Add background music to relax your hire and to make them feel confident about their new job and duties. 

All this and much more you can easily do together with Welcome aboard: try to make your first orientation video with for free. 

Onboarding videos are needed to explain the most important thing to new employees. If the HR or manager has to repeat the same information from time to time for every new hire, it is more convenient to make an orientation video to deal with this task.

Make a script or presentation with the information you want every employee to know. Then open, type the text, or just upload the PDF. Then use the best ready-made template, and choose the avatar and the voice you like. Edit each frame so that it would look like what you want. Save the result and use this video every time you would need to teach, explain, and to tell about the same thing to every new team participant.

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