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How to Automate Video Creation Process

How to automate video creation?

Video automation is the process of creating videos using special software solutions. It helps you create short and interesting videos that allow you to advertise a product, attract more customers, increase conversions and company ratings, or simplify daily communication with the target audience on the website or social networks.

Why automate the creation of video content?

Automated video creation is becoming popular for various reasons. The main advantage is the ease and speed of the process. Instead of lengthy filming and complex editing, a marketer uses just a couple of tools and creates several options of exciting personalized clips in a day. 

Using templates makes the process even easier. Automated video creation made it possible to generate new videos in just a few clicks, conduct A/B tests and experiment with various marketing strategies. Probing the market and selecting a winning strategy has been reduced to a few days: before, the same research could take months.

The digital universe is available to users in various formats. Therefore, you can edit the video, adapting it for different channels and platforms. Interact with the target audience wherever you can.

Innovate, automate your video creation process and get amazing results!

Use for automated video creation is a service for creating video content from your presentation or text. This automated video creation tool allows you to forget about shooting anything yourself: just write a script and edit the video. All the tools are intuitive and right at your fingertips, so you do not have to spend too much time learning how it works. You can create video content in 69 languages. Try it today! It is free.

Working with is a real pleasure. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a video that will make your target audience fall in love with your product or service. We promise you will get it right the first time.

Choose the format

The first thing you need to do is decide on the video format. It depends on the platform where you publish it. The available templates are horizontal for YouTube or a blog and vertical for Instagram Reels, Stories, or TikTok.

Choose a template or create your own frames for a video presentation

If you already have a great presentation and would like to create a video based on it, you can do it: download the required slides in PDF format to simplify your task. You can also create an automated video based on text. In this case, many informative ready-made templates are available to you: choose the one that best reveals your topic, idea, and message to the audience.

Use templates and customize them as you wish. You can:

  • Remove or add required elements;
  • Select stock photos or videos directly in;
  • Add shapes;
  • Sort the order of placement of multimedia elements, etc.

You can apply the same procedure to each slide. This way, you will make your video dynamic.

Choose a language

Your character can speak one of 69 available languages. The service perfectly adjusts the articulation of the character to the appropriate language, so the video will look authentic.

Choose a character

Pick the perfect actor among the characters available in The secret is that the target audience responds best to those people who look like them visually. This is how the psyche works, in particular the subconscious processes that allow you to distinguish conditionally “own” and “strangers” from the crowd. That is why made sure that you find exactly the character that will be the closest to your consumer among the proposed ones. 

Write the text for each frame

If you already have a script, distribute it by frames so that it is dynamic enough, but does not overload the user with frequent slide changes. The best solution: one slide is for one thought.

Edit the presentation

Adjust the visuals for each frame. In, you can choose the needed type of animation, place your character in the foreground, or leave them in a secondary role. Imagine that you are the director, and all the production is concentrated in your hands. You can do anything to make your video better, informative, interesting and exciting. Pay attention to the toolbar on the right: there is everything you need to visualize any idea perfectly.

Find the perfect musical accompaniment

Music sets the mood: soothes, drives, relaxes or awakens curiosity or admiration. For each case, has a ready-made solution. A huge music library is available to you so that your video gets exactly the vibe that you want to convey. Each audio is tagged, so you can find the best option quickly.

Make the character speak

Convert text into video and your character will speak. If you have limited time and you need a ready-made clip as quickly as possible, use template voice samples. Also, supports audio samples in all popular formats: click “Upload voice” and start talking to your audience with your voice.

Product reviews and presentations for YouTube are often created this way. If you do not have the technical ability to record a video with your voice, or you are simply camera shy, using automated video creation tools will be the best alternative. Benefits

This service for automated video creation offers you to convert presentations and texts into video format. You can repackage your content, make short extracts from voluminous materials and facilitate the perception of information.


  • Automatic video creation for free;
  • Extensive library of stock photos, videos, and music;
  • Wide possibilities for editing frames;
  • A large selection of characters for any occasion;
  • An incredible number of ready-made templates, divided by topics;
  • Opportunities to personalize videos according to the target audience;

The platform is constantly improving: new useful options are coming, for example, special features for e-commerce are expected soon.

Useful tips

Automated video creation makes your job easier, but there are a few more tips. The main idea is adapting to the specific realities which the viewers are in.

Add subtitles

Marketers analyzed content consumption in social networks. It turned out that about 60% of recipients spend time on social networks when they use public transport or before going to bed. At the same time, more than 40% of recipients admitted that they turn off the sound and scroll videos without subtitles. The data provided by Facebook is even more striking: 85% of videos are watched without sound.

In some cases, information accompanied by subtitles is easier to understand. For example, cooking videos received more positive reviews if the recipe was not only voiced, but also duplicated with text. Also provide video automatic translation and subs for users who do not know the original language.

Be clear

Explain complicated things in simple words. The exception is scientific and technical videos with a specific professional focus.

Stay concise

Try to convey thoughts comprehensively, but concisely. People agree to watch a long video only in two cases: either it is an entertaining format, or it is an audience that already trusts you.

And most importantly, automate your video creation process whenever the situation allows. This is how you save time and effort, use all of the advantages of video marketing, get new content distribution channels and, accordingly, new viewers. You can automate the creation of videos on any topic, and now you know how to do it easily and for free.

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