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TOP-5 Reasons to Create Explainer Videos for Your Business

Learn 5 great reasons to create explainer videos and find out how to benefit out of it.

Enhance your relationship with your customers and boost your business: explainer videos will help you to do this. Today, you can create an explainer video without a camera and actors. All you need to do your best is the Elai.io service.

TOP-5 reasons to create an explainer video

An explainer video is the most popular format for commercial video content. It is a powerful tool for any marketing campaign because it works for both the company and its customer at the same time. Consumers feel reassured when they have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the product. They appreciate it when you talk about all the nuances of the product openly and clearly. This creates a sincere atmosphere in the relationship between the company and the client, which inevitably leads to increased loyalty and sales.

Explainer Video Features

An explainer video is a visual explanation that shows the viewer how something works and introduces the specifics of using a particular product. Typically, such content is short, simple, and clear, which is necessary to maintain the interest and attention of the viewer. It is characterized by the following features:

  • No direct advertising;
  • The video is useful: it reveals the features of the product or provides advice on its use;
  • The material is aimed at forming positive impressions and the desire to try to test the provided advice in practice;
  • The author of the video sincerely cares about the real needs of the client;
  • Instead of a mentoring or an overtly promotional tone, a simple narrative style is used.

The more unexpected information is provided and the simpler the presentation form is, the greater the chance that such a video will go viral. Explainer videos work especially well if they reveal tips and tell an interesting story.

People tell stories to each other, and remember them easily. Professor Yuval Noah Harari discussed this well in the book ‘Sapiens’ and emphasized that once upon a time, it was this trait that allowed Homo sapiens to survive hundreds of cataclysms. The same feature is now ready to benefit your business.

5 Main Reasons to Use Explainer Video in Your Business Practice

Explainer videos are a way of sincerely exchanging information with consumers, demonstrating a responsible attitude towards your product and the belief in its capabilities. Remember how you were fascinated by an ad where incredible experiments were performed on the product? You can try doing something similar now.

Highlight your product or service strengths

Your explainer videos will boost sales and bring more profit if your viewers understand how to work with your product correctly. Talk about service or product strengths in the content you provide. Get the target audience interested, show how your offer can change the daily routine for the better, simplify difficult tasks or solve an issue.

The strongest sides are those that can have a positive impact on the user’s life. Focus on them.

Make complex concepts clear

Using your services or your product may be difficult for a novice, but you can simplify complex topics. To do this, you can create mini-tutorials that make it easier to interact with some useful tools. People will be grateful for useful explanations. At the same time, the popularity of the product will increase when you provide quality support and care. For example, if you have created a mobile app, talk about features that people might have missed, or show what interesting things you can do with the tools built into the app. 

Increase sales and profit

Use an explainer video and sell more. Using educational or explanatory video content increases conversions by 74%. If you are in e-commerce, just add video materials to product reviews or the company blog: almost three quarters of the the recipients who took part in a blind marketing research either buy immediately after watching a video or return after a certain time.

According to another study, conversions after watching explanatory videos are even higher and reach 85%. So, if you are interested in selling a product or service and want your customer to become an advocate for your brand and come back to you again and again, a short video is exactly what you need.

There is another factor that affects sales indirectly. If the video not only explains some features but also has an entertaining format, such material forces the viewer to share it on social networks or messengers. Some videos go viral, but even without that, brand recognition grows.

Be on the client's side

You win the customers hearts when you explain how to use your service or product, share useful tips and life hacks, and reveal secrets that help use the product in unexpected ways. By doing so, you move to the client’s side and demonstrate that you are familiar with their daily tasks and that they can solve their problems with your help.

The Invesp company conducted its research, analyzing the activities of several dozen companies. It turned out that 90% of these firms lose up to 20% of their customers yearly. This is the main reason why these companies are forced to work on attracting new audiences. Instead, the remaining 10% invest in developing their brand and bet on repeated purchases. Their business is better because it is easier to keep a warm customer than to please cold leads.

Show your company as a thoughts leader

There are two reasons why this is vital:

  1. People tend to buy from those they trust, and they tend to trust those they know. If you put two identical products in front of the consumer, but one will have a familiar label, and the other will not, the buyer will prefer the first option.
  2. Video content influences visual and audio memory at the same time. This is why it is easy for us to remember the plot of a movie, but it is more difficult to retell a book.

Therefore, every explainer video leads to you becoming a thoughts leader. Moreover, you demonstrate a high level of service and client’s care, and others follow your example.

The Best Way to Create an Explainer Video

You will be surprised how easy it will be for you to create your first explainer video on the Elai.io. Usually, video content requires a well-written script, studio shooting, further editing, and selection of the best shots. However, when you choose Elai.io as an explainer video maker, everything is much easier:

  • You do not have to be in front of the camera or invite an actor: choose any character in the Elai.io library;
  • Turn a cool presentation into a video if you already have one by simply uploading it in the PDF format, or create a new one based on one of the templates. Options are divided by topics;
  • Prepare the video in the right format: vertical for social networks or horizontal for blog posting;
  • Create your vibe with music;
  • Edit slides, and add stock videos and photos, which you will find in Elai.io;
  • Upload your voice to make the character speak just like you.

Elai.io allows you to create content in 69 languages, and the artificial intelligence which the service operates on takes care of matching the character’s articulation to the language in which you create the video. This way, you can make them the permanent host of each of your shows.

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