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Price/Month Less than $2/minute All: $3/minute and more
Price: free video option Yes some
Minutes/Month Unlimited (upon request) Limited
+25 Avatars Yes some
Limit per number of slides Unlimited Limited
Collaboration (invite users to collaborate) Unlimited (upon request) Limited
1080p Full HD videos All plans Limited
Media and Voice Cloning
Voice Cloning (Descript Overdub) Unlimited (upon request) some
Access to stock image and video libraries Yes some
Advanced Video Maker All plans Limited
65+ languages Yes some
50+ templates Yes some
HQ Avatars Yes some
4 different types of custom avatars (Selfie, studio, photo, animated mascot) Yes Limited
Upload MP3 to voiceover Yes some
Url-to-video (blog post) Yes No
Url-to-video (ecommerce) Yes No
Animations Yes some
Lottie animations Yes some
Share video Yes some
Import PDF Yes some
Auto captions / subtitles Yes some
Public API All Plans Limited
Automatic translation in 1 click Yes some
Link to video Yes No
Custom music upload Yes No
Custom fonts upload Yes No
Integrations with major LMS providers Yes some
HQ Avatars
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