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The Next Level: How to Create Video Invitations from Text

Holding events, gatherings, and even hosting parties requires sending out invitations. Invitations let others know that they are welcome, and, what is more, tell them all of the main information about the event. 

Crafting an invitation can be called art: everyone has their own approach. Nevertheless, it is no secret that invitations need to be informative and engaging; that is why many choose to create video invitations instead of text ones. 

Video invitations are better because they create a more personal connection with your guests. They also provide more information about the event, which is why they are great for events that the guest cannot attend in person. They also allow for a more interactive experience by including a link to RSVP.

Video invitations allow you to create a personalized experience for your guests that text-based invites cannot offer. With video invitations, you can include an introduction to the event, share details about what to expect, and even include links to any resources, social media, and more. 

Video Invitations: Why Choose Them?

Video invitations are a great way to make your event more personal and memorable. You can use them for any type of event – from a wedding to a birthday party or even just an office meeting. You can invite people by sending them the link or the video that you have created.

The video invitation is an amazing way to get people excited about the event before it even happens! To keep costs down, stay organized, and make sure everyone has the most up-to-date information it is a great choice to use AI text-to-video makers to create and customize your invitations. You can also customize your invitation with personal details like your location, date, and time. Instead of printing save-the-date cards, what not generate a save-the-date video? You can share these videos in advance with family members or friends who might not know about the event yet. 

Elai Text-to-Video Maker is an AI video maker which helps you to create videos by converting text messages into videos. Elai Text-to-Video Maker has the ability to convert your text message into video in just one tap and it also offers a wide range of customization options, so that you can make your video unique.

A video invitation is a great way to save time and money. The preparation time is minimal, while the cost of traditional paper invites can add up quickly. With text-based invitations, your guests will have to RSVP via email or phone, which can add up to additional costs for you and your partygoers. With video invitations, you will never have to worry about people missing out on your event due to a busy schedule!

Video Invitations Best Practices

Video invitations are a great way to get your guests engaged. They also provide an opportunity for you to show off everything that awaits them in action.

Following are some of the best practices that you should follow while creating video invitations:

  • Create a video invitation that is personalized to the person receiving it and make sure it is relevant to their interests. Include their name: when using a text-to-video maker like Elai, you can even use the API to generate multiple personalized invitations from just one template.
  • Include a call-to-action at the end of the video invitation so that viewers know what they should do next. Is there a registration form they need to fill out or an RSVP they need to reply to?
  • Keep the length of your video invitation short, around 45 seconds long. Longer video invitations are not as engaging. 
  • Make sure that you include all of the main points and details you want your guests and visitors to know. 
  • Make your video optimized with beautiful graphics and high-quality audio.
  • Ensure that your video has a captivating background that contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal, and includes unique shots and angles to create an engaging story.

How to Create Video Invitations with Elai

Use the video maker to create outstanding video invitations that benefit both your visitors and you. Numerous easy-to-use features will help you get the desired results in a matter of minutes. With Elai, you do not need to have any video creation or editing experience: the platform is so user-friendly that you will become familiar with it and even a professional in no time. 

Elai works as a text-to-video maker and supports 69 languages, so all you really need is a prepared invitation script. You can use the Elai API to generate multiple personalized videos from only one script and a created template, and there are several video creation features that will bring the experience to the next level. 

  • Templates are available for different topics. You can scroll through the entire list or search by tag: this way you can do it quickly.
  • Change the template colors. Replace standard colors with colors specific to your event. 
  • Digital avatars to voice over your invitations. Choose your favorite one. 
  • Custom avatar creation. Do you feel like there is a need to take the customization to the next level? Request a custom avatar of you from Elai. 
  • A product media library is integrated into the platform: you can choose the best videos and photos for your project, or upload and manage your own video clips. 
  • Background music for every situation is here. The service offers you a great music library. 
  • Add animations. Make the frames change with a beautiful effect.
  • Play and edit each frame separately. The problem with video editing is the difficulty of switching between the required parts. In, you work on each slide separately until you get the best result.
  • Use customer service assistance if you need it. Our managers are always in touch with you to give you advice or help.
  • Save videos in minutes. You will receive an email notification when the video is created and ready to use. Download or share directly through the Elai builder. 

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