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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Video marketing is an online marketing technique to brand and promote a company, products, or services over digital platforms. The main aim of this method is to encourage customers to make purchases and to improve the number of sales. 

Recent scientific research proves that human brains acknowledge visual language more conveniently and process images much faster than written text. This is the crucial reason why video content increases the chances of recalling your brand. 

To get your site rank higher, it should not only be useful but also contain valuable information and relevant videos to increase the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. The longer the dwell time is, the better result you get.

Pros of a video as a marketing tool

Now more than ever video production companies understand the significance of handling the demand for video content on various social media and platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. To stay informative, useful, and requested, the methods of promoting your business should be changed. Incorporating video content elevates marketing strategies and drives sales and website traffic. That’s why you really need to give serious consideration to video marketing and make it a regular part of content creation.  

From taking updates about the development of the digital world, here are the reasons why video marketing is an effective instrument:

  • People love watching videos. The official YouTube statistics say that people watch over a billion hours of video content every single day. The reason for it is more simple than it seems – we are getting too lazy to read the text.
  • Visuals and sounds are more engaging than reading subtitles. This is the best choice to maintain customers’ attention span and by far the easiest way to consume content in general. Text-to-video platforms provide users with access to stock libraries of images and videos. works in cooperation with Lottie, a motion design tool.  Animated files make your content more captivating.  
  • Explainer promo videos are widely used as a visual product review. Demonstration of the product contributes to more sales, creating vital connections between the client and the service or product.  
  • Your business can achieve decent income by means of monetized ads. If your landing page includes video content, it can significantly increase conversions by up to 75%.  
  • Incorporating the video with the real person allows the potential customers to get acquainted with the representative face behind your brand. At, the talking presenter with a human voice-over does not let you stay aloof. You are able to interact with the clients in a personalized way thanks to API service. If you have a solid email list of loyal subscribers, your letters with some relevant information will attract them individually to go back to your solution and try it out. 
  • Text-based content is getting less and less popular because it does not simply connect the audience with the product. Videos are everywhere on social media, so there is a better chance to get them shared. It does not make any difference whether you have a promo video, a music video, a personal blog about the latest news, or ordinary content recorded by someone’s smartphone – nowadays anything can go viral, generate leads, and bring in some income for a significant period of time. 
  • Videos help to build a huge trust factor. People have no idea what and who they are dealing with when they see only written articles on a page. Successful marketing always requires creating inbuilt links between the users and the solution. This is psychologically confirmed that the key way to raise trust level is to engage people’s emotions. Selling the products entirely through Internet resources, including social networks, websites, forums, or different platforms, could seem alarming to the customers. So there is no wonder why clients question and doubt handing over their money for the fear of fraud or being scammed. 
  • With the appearance and growing popularity of TikTok, video content has become an essential tool to gain internet surfers’ attention. Through countless hours of scrolling Facebook feed, users unobtrusively consume loads of information that entices them to take action.
  • Have you ever noticed how hard it is to explain something in text format (messages, emails, how-to-do instructions, etc.)? With Elai, it is easier than it seems. An animated video tutorial followed by the narration of talking Avatar illustrates exactly what you are talking about. Marketing experts advise not to lean on dry text and links while demonstrating complex subjects that are barely understandable by the readers. 
  • Advertising your product on other people’s videos leads to immense popularity. We watch promotional content at the beginning and even sometimes during any video on YouTube every day. The consumption of the platform is increasing each year which makes it the right place for companies to cash in with their advertising. However, the traditional way of creating promo videos isn’t a free method. In order to save your budget, you can take advantage of text-to-speech platforms. You no longer need to rent the studio, hire a cameraman, write a long script and learn it by heart before performing it in front of the camera.

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface with various useful tools available at, you have a chance to make affordable professional-looking video content in a few clicks. 

Video marketing content is a great way for marketers to reach people and grow the total traffic to your website!

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